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We worked with East Coast to promote trains over planes for business travel in Britain, as part of their successful marketing campaign to increase passenger numbers and market share.


East Coast wanted to increase its passenger numbers by encouraging more people to travel by rail rather than plane between central Scotland and London. They were particularly keen to attract more business customers.


We researched and provided evidence for the economic benefits available to Scottish businesses in switching from air travel to rail travel. Our findings were summarised in our ‘On Track for Business’ report, which challenged Scottish businesses to save money and benefit the environment by using the train for business travel between Edinburgh and London. The key selling points we identified were:

  • Better value for money
  • High-quality working environment
  • More relaxing travel experience
  • Superior environmental performance.

We also reported the progress made by major Scottish businesses RBS and SSE in switching from air to rail.

Following publication of the report, we then worked with East Coast to publish a website and animation for use in their marketing campaigns.


Our research was presented at a Parliamentary reception with MSPs and garnered significant political interest.

East Coast then used our research findings in their successful marketing campaigns to increase business passenger numbers and win more market share from the airlines.


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