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We developed a new website and suite of marketing materials to showcase Transform Scotland’s new organisational priorities for their 25th anniversary.

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Transform Scotland is the national campaign for sustainable transport. Their old website was getting clunky and dated. Amidst a huge number of reports, events, news alerts and other activities, the campaigning priorities of the charity were getting lost. The website had lost focus of who its main audience was, and it wasn’t clear how people could support Transform Scotland’s work.

The backend of the website was also proving time-consuming and hard to manage. In particular there was a lack of flexibility and control over adding content.


We designed and built a brand new website for Transform Scotland.

We expanded the organisation’s existing brand guidelines with new colours and design elements, to create a bolder, more vibrant design for the new site.

The new website was built to be as flexible as possible, giving Transform Scotland maximum control over adding and editing content. We created many template ‘building blocks’ and styles that Transform Scotland could pick and chose from to create new web posts and content.

Alongside this, we created a set of unique icons to illustrate Transform Scotland’s five new headline priorities, each accompanied by two targeted sub-demands. These new icons built upon Transform Scotland’s existing brand but with a fresh new look. The icons communicated some quite complex ideas (e.g. ‘zero carbon connectivity’ or ‘fair transport pricing’) in a simple way.

Finally, we used the icons and design work to create a promotional brochure which showcased the direction of Transform’s future work.


Transform Scotland now has a beautiful, very professional new website that really showcases what the organisation is all about, why sustainable transport matters, the action Transform Scotland is taking, and how people can get involved.

The new website is very easy to use and edit by the Transform Scotland staff team. Content can be tagged and reused in lots of places around the site, and there is lots of flexibility. All of this makes managing the website efficient and enjoyable.

The new campaign icons have been used extensively on the website and in other media, to visually convey at a glance what Transform Scotland is all about.


It was a pleasure working alongside Emily, Kate and Ana to create a new set of marketing materials. They were excellent at communicating throughout the project, and offered guidance and support when I needed it.

We were extremely happy with their quality of work and attention to detail, and look forward to sharing our new materials in the weeks and months to come.

Rachel McFarlane, Communications Officer

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