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We wrote and designed Sustrans Scotland’s first ever Three Year Review, to raise the profile of their work across Scotland.


Sustrans Scotland wanted to publish a review to demonstrate the impact of their work over the past three years. They were keen to show how they had helped communities, schools, businesses and local authorities to increase cycling in Scotland.


This was the first time that Sustrans Scotland had decided to publish a three year review of their work, and they commissioned us to research, write and design the publication.

What followed was a nationwide journey to document Sustrans’ work. From Fort William to Edinburgh, we talked to and photographed some of Scotland’s most inspiring leaders and advocates for Sustrans’ work. We wrote case studies showcasing how Sustrans had helped communities, schools, businesses and local authorities, and analysed monitoring and evaluation data to pull out key statistics to highlight Sustrans’ biggest impacts over the past three years.

As well as writing the report, we designed the final publication, and produced a ‘z-card’ summary of the report.

We also prepared the messaging around Sustrans’ impacts in multiple policy areas (e.g. transport, health, economy, climate change, place-making), and the great value work they do.


Presented by Derek Mackay, Minister for Transport and the Islands, at a launch event in Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth, the Three Year Review was very enthusiastically received.

Our infographics widely made the rounds in social media as part of the lead-up campaign for the Review’s launch.

Since it was published, the Three Year Review has helped to guide Sustrans Scotland’s vision for the future.

We have commissioned Transform Consulting to draft a number of key publications, including a Strategic Review document, over the past year. Their professional and expert team is a joy to work with, diligently listening to what we wanted to see in the final designs and then delivering high quality products on time. Transform Consulting are efficient, high skilled and innovative in equal measure.

Daisy Narayanan, Deputy Director, Sustrans Scotland


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