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We helped national walking charity Paths for All to showcase the benefits of walking and get everyone out walking more.


Paths for All wants everyone in Scotland to enjoy the benefits of walking, to improve wellbeing and prevent ill health. However, some people feel that walking is not for them or they need support and encouragement to make those first steps towards walking more. 

In addition, the fundamental importance of simply walking is frequently overlooked by the people in charge of our streets, paths and transport planning. Paths for All wants everyone to understand the benefits of walking to health, economy, community and environment, so that local authorities, government and landowners are motivated to put walking first.


We have a long-running client relationship with Paths for All. We’ve helped them to promote everyday walking through a wide variety of leaflets, postcards, infographics and other promotional and awarness-raising materials.

In addition we helped Paths for All to promote their Smarter Choices Smarter Places grants programme through the design of case studies and graphics.

Through our work we’ve raised awareness of attitudes to walking, why and where people walk, and the benefits of walking for health, economy and environment.


Paths for All have used our design work to promote everyday walking across Scotland, to individuals, healthcare professionals and policy-makers.  


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