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Our research for WWF showed that Scotland was among the top five global leaders in phasing out fossil fuel vehicles.


WWF were leading a campaign to phase out fossil fuel vehicles in Scotland, and requested our help to provide evidence in support of their campaign.

They wanted to persuade the Scottish Government that, if Scotland wanted to maintain its position as a world leader in tackling climate change, it must adopt ambitious targets that matched the best from around the world.


We undertook research on the commitments that countries around the world were making to phase out fossil-fuelled cars and introduce electric vehicles.

There were two parts two our research. Firstly, a desktop-review of currently available data. Secondly, consultation with our network of Scottish, European and international contacts to collect the latest information on targets for electric vehicles around the world.

We presented our findings in an international league table of countries’ ambitions.


The research showed that Scotland, with a target for 100% electric vehicles sales by 2032, was among the top five global leaders in phasing out fossil fuel vehicles.

Our research results were presented to MSPs at party political conferences, and WWF used the results in their ongoing campaign to press the Scottish Government to make this a legally-binding target.

We commissioned Transform Consulting to undertake a short report for us, which was excellent, delivered promptly and project managed very professionally throughout. Transform Consulting also made great use of their extensive network of partner organisations and researchers, which provided lots of additional information.

Gina Hanrahan, Acting Head of Policy, WWF Scotland


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