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We helped to organise and publicise the successful campaign to introduce 20mph speed limits to Edinburgh.


Living Streets is a charity that campaigns to make Scotland’s streets better for pedestrians. They wanted the City of Edinburgh Council to introduce a default 20mph speed limit across the city, and enlisted our help to make the campaign a success.


We organised a campaign to show that 20mph speed limits are supported by the ‘silent majority’ in Edinburgh, to counteract the vocal motorists’ lobby.

We organised a social media campaign which reached over 39,000 people. We brought together a diverse stakeholder alliance representing interests such as healthcare, education and disability charities, to show their support for 20mph. As part of this, we secured signatories for a joint letter that was published by The Daily Mail, The Scotsman, The Edinburgh Evening News and The Herald. We also produced case studies to show how and why many different people were supportive of 20mph.

To reach a wide audience, we created a professional, distinctive brand identity for Living Streets’ 20mph campaign, together with infographics to illustrate how 20mph speed limits save lives.


With our support, Living Streets Scotland were successful in their campaign to implement 20mph speed limits in Edinburgh.

A vote to pass 20mph was made by the City of Edinburgh Council on 17 March 2015.

The next step is for 20mph to become the norm on residential streets across Scotland.

Transform Consulting provided us with expert advice to run a successful campaign supporting 20mph in Edinburgh. The team were professional, efficient and flexible in delivering a range of tailored media resources when we needed them during a critical stage of this project.

Stuart Hay, Director, Living Streets Scotland


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