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By demonstrating the potential to expand car clubs to all parts of Scotland, we pioneered the way for significant new Government investment and the creation of new car clubs up and down the country.


Transform Scotland wanted to show the potential to expand car clubs to all parts of Scotland. They needed evidence on the feasibility of starting new car clubs, and a better understanding of the role that local and national Government could play to support car club expansion.


We undertook a review to identify the barriers for the roll-out of car clubs in both urban and rural Scotland, and the framework required to effectively promote their implementation.

The review was supported by four of Scotland’s seven regional transport partnerships, Co-operative Development Scotland, ScotRail and the Scottish Government.

We also co-hosted a car-club conference with The City of Edinburgh Council. The conference brought together all those interested in car clubs in Scotland, to discuss how to work together and give many more people the opportunity to join a car club.


Our research showed the potential for getting to 25,000 car club members by 2015 in Scotland and pioneered the way for expanding urban and rural car clubs to all parts of the country.

The Scottish Government subsequently invested significant new funding to establish car clubs in rural Scotland and launched a new Developing Car Clubs in Scotland programme.

In the years following publication of our report, car clubs were created up and down the country, giving thousands more people the freedom to travel without the responsibility of owning a car.


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