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We helped Levenmouth Rail Campaign to get political support for their campaign to reopen the railway between Glenrothes and Leven.


The Levenmouth Rail Campaign is a community-led initiative to reopen the railway line between Glenrothes and Leven in Fife, the largest urban area in Scotland not directly served by rail.

They wanted to get more political support for their campaign. Although they had an excellent track record in building local support in Fife, they had limited experience of influencing national politicians and Government policy.


We provided consultancy advice to the Levenmouth Rail Campaign, to help them make the case for reopening the railway.

We helped to refine the campaign’s messaging, agree a communications approach, secure meetings with key MSPs and produce campaign materials. We also provided technical advice on Scottish rail policy and transport appraisal.


As a result of our involvement, the case for reopening the Levenmouth railway line gained greater prominence and support from Scottish politicians. A commitment to reopen the line was included in the election manifestos of major political parties and a motion in favour received all-party support at Holyrood. The Campaign gained more understanding of how transport policy was formed in Scotland, better political contacts and greater expertise in working with all political parties.

In 2019 we were then thrilled when the Scottish Government made the massive decision to reopen the railway. This was a testament to all those in the local community who campaigned tirelessly over many years. We were delighted to have been part of their campaign.

Levenmouth Rail Campaign found it very useful to work with Transform Consulting at a critical stage of the Campaign. In particular, the shaping of a political initiative brought vital experience and skills to bear in buidling profile and exercising influence at national level. This contribution, backed by good communications, was an important and professional complement to the energies and mass local support of the Campaign and undoubtedly helped moved things forward.

Allen Armstrong, Secretary, Levenmouth Rail Campaign


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