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To help Sustrans Scotland raise awareness of their work, we wrote and designed a Community Links Portfolio showcasing over twenty of their most exciting new cycling and walking routes.


Sustrans wanted to celebrate and raise awareness of the hundreds of local cycling and walking routes they had built across Scotland.


We wrote and designed a Community Links Portfolio for Sustrans Scotland. The Portfolio showcased over twenty of the most exciting and successful local cycling and walking routes that Sustrans had created over the past five years.

We were responsible for the design of the entire Portfolio, from initial design concepts through to final publication in November 2016.

We gave the Portfolio a bright, fresh look and feel. We filled it with colourful photographs showing how people had benefitted from Sustrans’ work, from safe routes to school in rural Argyll to segregated cycle ways in the centre of Glasgow. We also used lots of lively quotes and big statistics to communicate the impact and support for Sustrans.


The Portfolio was used extensively by Sustrans to highlight the value of simple, safe, and convenient cycling and walking routes, inspiring other local authorities and councils to create even more routes in the future.

It received lots of very positive feedback from Sustrans and its partners, fulfilling its purpose as a promotional item and advertisement for Sustrans’ work. So much so, that it was subsequently reprinted so that even more people could get their hands on a copy.

We have commissioned Transform Consulting to draft a number of key publications, including a Strategic Review document, over the past year. Their professional and expert team is a joy to work with, diligently listening to what we wanted to see in the final designs and then delivering high quality products on time. Transform Consulting are efficient, high skilled and innovative in equal measure.

Daisy Narayanan, Deputy Director, Sustrans Scotland


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