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We carried out ScotRail’s stakeholder engagement survey, providing ScotRail with invaluable information to help them improve their approach to stakeholder engagement and communication.


ScotRail wanted to gain an in-depth understanding of what their stakeholders thought about ScotRail’s performance, alongside feedback on their approach to stakeholder communications and engagement, and to identify areas for improvement.


We undertook a stakeholder perception survey with 40 of ScotRail’s most important stakeholders.

We began by doing stakeholder mapping to identify ScotRail’s stakeholders, their principal interests and their priority to ScotRail. We then designed a survey and carried out telephone interviews with a sample of 40 priority stakeholders, including organisations representing passengers, business interests, local/regional government and civic society.


Our stakeholder perception survey had a response rate of 85%.

The results gave us quantitative information about how well informed ScotRail’s stakeholders were, how well they understood ScotRail’s work, how favourable they were towards ScotRail and how effectively ScotRail engaged with them. By comparing the results with surveys done in previous years, we were also able to assess how ScotRail’s performance had changed over time.

We also received lots of detailed, qualitative feedback from stakeholders about ScotRail’s most significant achievements, areas for improvement and what their future priorities should be.

ScotRail subsequently used the results from the survey to improve their approach to stakeholder engagement and communication.


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