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We created a new brand to launch the Environmental Port Index, an innovation from Norway to improve the environmental performance of ships and ports.

Our work on the Environmental Port Index won at the D&AD Awards 2021 – the world’s most prestigious benchmark for creative excellence in design and advertising. Read about our award-winning entry on the D&AD Awards website.


The Port of Bergen had created a new reporting tool, the Environmental Port Index, to measure and report on the environmental impacts of ships and ports. The Index helps ship owners to record how well they’re doing and port operators to incentivise and reward cleaner ships.

Already popular in Norway, the Port of Bergen wanted to launch the Environmental Port Index to an international audience and make it standard across the shipping industry.

Our challenge was to create a distinctive new brand with international appeal, and to communicate the benefits of a technically complex reporting tool to a non-expert audience.


The first step was to conduct a brand workshop. We ran a one-day workshop and took the Port of Bergen team on a series of exercises to explore their collective values, beliefs and purpose.

From this, a Brand Messaging guide was created, which gave the Environmental Port Index a consistent and focussed way to communicate with people.

We identified that practical and highly useful marketing tools would be a video and a PowerPoint template for presentations worldwide. We provided a full video production service, including a story, script, structure, music and voiceover. The PowerPoint template was styled with the newly developed Environmental Port Index visual identity. It contained editable and fixed elements, so that any member of the team or third-parties could use it to create presentations which were consistently on-brand.

We developed the Environmental Port Index website. This hub needed to act as their shop-windows, brand ambassador and source of information. Our Copywriter used the brand messaging guide to write compelling messages and content for the site, and our Art Director created a visual direction for the site. This was embraced and translated by our web developer and designer to give the brand its digital home.


We took the Port of Bergen’s ideas and aspirations and turned them into a distinctive new brand. The brand purpose was “greener, cleaner ports for all”. It built upon its Norwegian roots and marketed the Environmental Port Index as honest, clear, determined, knowledgeable and pioneering.

The video, presentation and website were used extensively to raise awareness of the Environmental Port Index with an international audience.

The Port of Bergen was then able to launch the Environmental Port Index as a successful, independent company.


At Environmental Port Index, we were looking for a company to support us with branding, website development and video production. Transport Scotland’s social enterprise was a perfect match. EPI aims to improve environmental conditions in the ports and port cities. Transform Scotland’s holds similar ambitions regarding sustainable transport.

The competency of Transform’s staff has helped us develop EPI’s branding in a skilful way. I strongly recommend their services.

Even Husby, Head of Environment


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